What’s Next?

You’ve been with us for 108 days on this epic inner journey toward your sacred life (or you skipped to the back of the book and came to this link pre-finishing, which is also fine), and we feel incredibly honored and blessed to have shared this practice with you.

Hopefully you’re feeling in tune with your Divinity and the Oneness you share with all that is.

And, we imagine you’re wondering what to do now that you’re in this new experience.

Here are some options we have for continuing to work with us in a deeper way:

  1. Join Our Community: Join us in Dragontree Community and Conversation,  and online community of like minded people  where we can engage in discussion about the 108 days of Rituals for Transformation,  dive deeper into our work together, engage in conversations with 10’s of thousands of Dragontree clients from around the world!
  2. Join us for our the next round of Sacred Expansion, an 8 week guided experience in clearing the way to your best you. More than a course, more than a series of exercises, Sacred Expansion is designed to help you recognize and separate your intrinsic self from your fragile ego identities; notice, question, and understand the negative thoughts and feelings that bring us and others down; release anything and everything that isn’t serving your highest self; understand feelings of constriction, and turn them toward expansion and recognize that you are whole, complete, and beautiful.
  3. Soul-Sessions with Briana: one-on-one customized energy work to help you release what’s been holding you back, discover just how connected you are, and open yourself to a new level of peace and trust. You can work together from anywhere in the world!

We also encourage you to do these 108 days again.

We’ll definitely be doing it again and again for the rest of our lives, there is always a new level of depth, understanding, and expansion available to us.

And, maybe the most important thing you can do – get out in your community and seed it with your peaceful self. Volunteer, get involved, and connect to our people.

Thank you again for being part of our community and creating a more peaceful world through a more peaceful you.