A heart-to-heart with Briana and Dr. peter Borten

You Have Nothing to Fear…

Fear is a jarring frequency of energy that demands your attention when it moves through you, contracting your consciousness to a single priority: protection. The combination of fear and resistance makes a strong impression on your nervous system and emotional body.

Please join us on Friday, June 24th at 10:30 AM Pacific / 1:30 PM eastern as we gather via Zoom to discuss tools and skills to cope — and even thrive —  in the presence of fear.  

A love note: This time that we’re living can be scary, and occasionally unsettling, but remember that what you really are is beyond harm, and what you really have is beyond loss.  

About your hosts

Briana and Dr. Peter Borten have made it their mission to create a more peaceful world by helping individuals reestablish a sense of inner peace and balance. They are the the creators of the Rituals for Living Dreambook + Planner, and founders of The Dragontree, a wellness organization with holistic spas in Portland and Boulder, online courses, natural body care products, and resources for vibrant living.

Peter, a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and certified Qi Gong instructor, has taught extensively and has authored hundreds of articles on psychological and physical health. Briana is a Certified Ayurvedic Specialist, peace engineer, and CEO of The Dragontree. She writes frequently on personal development and helps people achieve their dreams and live extraordinary, healthy lives.

Embrace this life with the full power of your heart!

About our book

“Each of us is on a quest for peace, happiness and meaning. We often think we can attain that state of mind – if only we could land that particular job, find the perfect partner, carve out more personal time, and so on. But as healers Briana and Dr. Peter Borten, founders of the wellness company The Dragontree, point out in their new book, Rituals for Transformation: 108 Day Journey to Your Sacred Life, fulfilling that quest comes from a change in perspective, not circumtances.” – Patricia Gale, Seattle Post Intelligencer Book Review

A 108 Day Guided Journal and journey of self discovery

Experience happiness in all moments, not just momentary happiness.

We know you’re busy and that adding something more to your plate might seem totally crazy. But you know there’s nothing of greater value than to invest your time in your own Self-care.

If you’re only able to devote a few minutes a day, you’ll still experience noticeable changes.  And whenever you’re able to invest more, there’s space to go deeper. Every word, image, and page has been thoughtfully crafted to help you overcome blocks, claim your power, and open yourself to new possibilities.

A 108-day process to create strong foundation for well-being and happiness.

morning and evening rituals that will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and awakening.

A single lesson each day, a related intention, a brief morning and evening meditation