Three Steps to Overcome Stress and Achieve Your Dreams

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. – Oprah Winfrey

There is something in all of us, a spark or a fire, that want to create an exceptional life.  A life where we have meaningful success, happiness, and health.  But chasing that dream can often lead to a huge amount of stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion that feels far from our beautiful vision, that is if we are even able to see that vision any more.

We’re here to change that reality and create a movement of people that are living gorgeous lives and making a difference in the world, while maintaining balance.

Can this be broken down into three easy steps?  No.  But three steps that if you do the work and stay on the path will get you there, yes.

Create space.

If you really want to live your dreams, you have to be willing to create space in your life for them.  Not just a willingness, a commitment to creating space for them.

Create the space for grace.  This is the space created for you to be able to sit in the nothing (meditation, prayer, nature sit) and listen to your soul.  This is the most essential space you can create because it’s where inspiration, innovation, and creativity are born.  

Create the space for clarity.  This is the space for really tapping into what matters to you.  Go through the different areas of your life and envision them at their most ideal, and write it down.  Taking the time to do this will enlighten you around what’s worth striving for and what’s not.

Clear space in your psyche.  Clean up any places where you are out of integrity so that you can move forward with lightness.  Baggage weighs us down and makes it harder for us to soar toward our dreams, so cut the cords of excess baggage by doing the work of forgiving yourself and others for the past, making any necessary communications, and resolving all outstanding conflicts.  

Create space for the dream.  Every day there needs to be space for the big goals, and that means saying no to unnecessary things that don’t enliven, delight, or move you toward your exceptional life.

Create space for self care.  You are the best asset you have and you must take care of yourself.  This isn’t just a good idea, it’s your honor and obligation as a human being on a mission.  

Maintain a structure

If you want to turn your dreams into reality then you must have a solid plan.  And not just a solid plan, but a solid plan that you work regularly.  Set your goals, work backwards to determine projects you need to do, and then schedule action daily.

Your consistent action toward your goals will help you build trust in yourself to do what you say you’re going to do and then you’ll start to see momentum build in ways that you can’t even currently imagine.

Persistence is the ultimate secret weapon.

Use a calendar to keep yourself on track, setting start and end times for each activity so you have a container for success for the day.  If you work off a long to-do list, or a vague sense of what you need to do during the day, then you start and end the day without clear expectations and a way to actually get “done” for the day.

Scheduling your time also helps you create good boundaries around what you say yes to and what you say no to – because you already know what you have time for and what you don’t.  

The last part of maintaining a structure is to stay on your own path.  It’s easy to get distracted by a million shiny things in the world, but if you’ve chosen a direction that was connected to your heart, then don’t let your energy get diverted.  You deserve to give your dreams the gift of your own focus.

Add in sweetness

You can accomplish things without sweetness, but it’s unlikely that you will feel fully satisfied and nourished by the experience.  That’s why it’s important that throughout you infuse your life with sweetness.

This kind of sweetness isn’t about brownies and icecream, but about the things that satisfy the parts of ours soul that want to experience the world, adventure, deepen relationships, and enjoy.  

Add time for play.  Add time for art.  Add time for movement.  Add time to connect with friends and family.  Add time for your community.  Add time to travel.

These things are not frivolous.  They are not for later.  They have to be brought into your life now, if you want to create an exceptional life.  Put them into your structure so that you don’t skip this essential step.

We believe that if we live our lives in a way that feels vibrant, centered, and peaceful, we will create a ripple effect into our communities, effectively changing the world as we know it.  Want to live your dreams and change the world?  Join the movement.