Wow, it’s been a wild ride.  From conception to this moment has been a roller coaster of amazing joy and small/medium challenges, and it’s still going strong.

Thank you to everyone that is emailing and messaging us with love for the Dreambooks – we’re so thrilled to be getting them in your hands.  We can’t wait to see what you create!

Some details:

1. Most books have shipped by now, but Amazon is still working through the last few orders, so if you haven’t received yours yet, hang tight – it’s coming very very soon.

2. To our wonderful international folks (from 20 different countries!  Wow!) Amazon is working on shipping yours now.  We don’t know why they are doing them last, but they are.  Regardless they should be to you very soon.

3. Amazon mislabeled some Dreambooks as Dreambook+Planners and shipped them.  We don’t know the extent of their mistake, but we are working with them to figure it out and get it resolved.  If you ordered a Dreambook+Planner and received a Dreambook please let us know at customerservice@thedragontree.com and we will fix it for you ASAP.

4. For those of you with the Dreambook + Planner, as you start the process, know that we inserted weekly planning for December 2015 so that you can get a head start on making 2016 the best year ever!  That’s why it’s after quarter one planning and monthly breakdown ;).

5. Watch your email for some special messages from us, including an invitation to join our community and get access to all our training videos.

Thank you so much for everything.


Briana and Peter