So much love for this guest post by Ann Musselman, a Dragontree client and member of the Dragontree Dreamers and Planners Community.

A few morning thoughts for those of you who feel overwhelmed, stuck, or intimidated by the front sections of the Dreambook: Please use or discard my words to your greatest benefit and ease.

The front section of the book is not a test, it’s not even a quiz, you can’t get the questions wrong. All the questions prior to the Craft section where you actually start writing your goals down are a form of brainstorming- to get an idea of your core self and your desired life- so you can see and identify the gaps between where you are now, and who and what you would really like to be.

Because those gaps are where the goals are. And the goals are the thing, because goals are a tool to get you closer to the truest expression of your self and your fulfilling life.

But the pages and pages before that? They’re the sketch in pencil before going over it with pen. They’re the look in the fridge and pantry before you write your grocery list. They’re the take-all-3-sizes of the dress into the dressing room so you can find the one that fits. They’re finger painting to see what colors mix. They’re play.

So, please don’t get lost in perfectionism. Please don’t despair if your life doesn’t currently match your dream. Please don’t judge your heart and soul for desiring to manifest more in the world. Don’t worry if you can’t do it all tomorrow, or next year. Be gentle with yourself, be loving, let yourself dream, don’t tell your inner child she can’t play dress up.

I encourage you to give yourself the time to play, soon. Before the New Year. Sit down with your inner self, let her out onto the page. Give her crayons and stickers and forget the lines! See what pictures she draws for you, see what she asks Santa for, see how full she believes her life can be when no one is telling her she can’t…. because once you know, once you see, then YOU have the power to make her dreams come true.