So, we’ve got good news and bad news. I never know which to start with, but since I always save my favorite things for last, I guess I’ll start with the bad news.

Unfortunately, our printer received our cover material and there were defects in some of the sheets and so we had to send them back and get more (perfect) cover material to deboss for your Dreambooks. This means a slight delay in receiving your reward. We’re so sorry – but we wanted to make sure that you get the best.

THE GOOD NEWS: the covers will be beautiful, the material we saw without the defects is gorgeous and you are going to love love love your Dreambook.

MORE GOOD NEWS: You’ll still receive your Dreambook long before December and totally in time to plan the most amazing 2016 ever.

EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS: Peter and I are creating some awesome tutorial videos for you like we said we would if we reached our stretch goals. We decided that even though we didn’t reach those stretch goals – we love you all so much, we’ll make them anyway. 😉

Thank you for all your support and your understanding about this unfortunate delay.

You’re the best!