What comes to mind when you hear the word “liver”? Jewish deli food? The organ that’s best known for processing alcohol and other toxins? Those brown spots old people get on their hands?  I’m probably an outlier in that I tend to think of an army general or CEO. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each of our internal organs plays a role in our psychological makeup, and the liver relates to our ability to plan. It’s often likened to a general because this officer needs to be a great planner in order to win battles. I prefer to think of life as a game rather than a battle, but in any case, the ability to create plans and follow through on them is necessary for the smooth operation of so many aspects of life – healthy relationships, a meaningful career, a balanced household, setting and achieving goals, and pretty much everything else. 

Each of the internal organs is associated with a particular sense organ on the surface of the body, and the liver’s sense organ is the eyes. It’s through this connection that the liver is said to give us the vision necessary to see where we want to go and how to get there. 

In addition, each organ is said to preside over a certain aspect of consciousness. The liver presides over the hun – the “dreaming soul” – where we go when we dream. And this, too, speaks to the liver’s role as planner, because the hun gives us the ability to project ourselves beyond who we’ve been and what we’ve done in the past – to envision a new way of being. 

When these functions of the liver are working optimally, we are able to see clearly in our mind’s eye what we want to accomplish. We plan effectively and have the perspective to take obstacles in stride – knowing there are always ways to grow around them if we stay flexible and don’t lose sight of our goal. We build efficient structure into our life to help us navigate toward our dreams. 

Few people are born this way, but everyone can learn and strengthen these skills. These were some of the concepts that inspired Briana and me seven years ago to create our own system for planning and achieving goals – the Dreambook

In the years since then thousands of people have used the Dreambook to discover with crystal clarity what really makes them happy and fulfilled and to create effective plans to bring this to the forefront of their lives. 

At this time when so much seems uncertain, it’s more important than ever to build upon what is certain – your values, your purpose, your gifts, your power of choice, and your ability to create. That’s what this book is all about. 

The 2021 edition is on sale now and it’s better than ever. Please check it out. I know you’ll benefit from this process. 

Be well,